Link Tempo with AFAS


Tempo dashboard provides insight

Tempo is part of Jira. You can enter the time worked on a project or ticket. Later you can look back how much time something has taken. By linking with AFAS you get a handy Tempo dashboard, in which your planning and HRM-data are combined.


Make planning and the time transparent

By linking Tempo it is easier to see how efficient the work is. This data can also be processed automatically with other systems. So you only have to enter your data in one place. This means less administrative work and less chance of errors.

Tempo is part of Jira. Through Tempo it is possible to measure the time worked on a certain ticket or project. Tempo planning dashboard

Powerful Tempo dashboard


With the link between Tempo and AFAS you get immediate access to a useful dashboard. This dashboard offers essential insights into your HR and planning data. For example, compare your payroll costs and planning side by side. This allows you to quickly draw valuable conclusions about the efficiency of your team.


AFAS and Business Intelligence specialist

Salure has been a partner of AFAS for many years and connects different systems with AFAS. We do this with our software SalureConnect. This is a Business Intelligence platform that displays data in real time and provides new, valuable information. Thanks to good data analysis and a clear dashboard, you can make decisions based on the latest information.


Our approach

Our business intelligence specialist will work with you to set up the dashboards. This way, you get an overview that is as clear as possible. These dashboards can be used on a daily basis and provide important management information.


1. We link AFAS and Tempo to SalureConnect to extract the data from the systems.

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2. Then we transform the data to the same format so we can compare it.

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3. We visualise huge amounts of data in comprehensible dashboards.    

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4. We ensure that the systems remain in sync.

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5. The synchronisation remains guaranteed thanks to active alerting and monitoring.

Tempo AFAS link

Easily manage the link yourself

Easily manage the link between AFAS and Tempo yourself on our SalureConnect platform. With the task scheduler you have 100% control over the tasks that the link performs:


  1. Progress tracking: See for each task what it does, when it is running and the last result.
  2. Logs: You have very detailed insight into which data has been transferred, which parts have failed and how long everything has lasted.
  3. Monitoring dashboards: See at a glance how often tasks have been carried out successfully, with errors, or have failed completely.


Bring AFAS and Tempo together

Are you interested in linking AFAS with Tempo? Have a Salure consultant meet and advise you without obligation.

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