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About Salure

Salure has been an independent partner in payroll administration, consultancy and business intelligence since 2010. From its office in Gouda, Salure provides its services to national and international clients.


In 2007, Salure was created through a separation from SupportPlus. Owners Paul and Jaco van Hengel decided to continue the payroll administration under the name Salure. This name arose from a combination of the words ‘salary’ and ‘to be sure’. The tag line used to be ‘Better to be sure, than to be sorry’.
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Salure has always been in Gouda. From 2007 until the end of 2017 it was at Stavorenweg 6. At the beginning of 2018 we moved to the Gentseweg 17. An office building that was completely rebuilt to meet modern standards. The current office is modern with lots of light, good workplaces with sitting-stand desks and lots of greenery. There is also a large meeting and lunch room with views over Gouda, a gym and games for sports and relaxation.

Progressing smarter together

We have since grown to over 75 employees, each with their own expertise. By combining this knowledge, we are constantly coming up with new and intelligent solutions. That is why we have chosen a new path: progressing smarter together.
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Specialists in payroll

Outsourcing payroll administration

Organisations that outsource their payroll administration have been working with Salure for years. Thanks to the ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 type 1 and 2 certificates, payroll administration is in good hands with our specialists.
Salure payroll administration

Long-standing AFAS partner

By working together with AFAS software, we provide automated processes in one standard solution. Our services have been continually expanded. Clients can now also turn to us for consultancy and smart software solutions.


Salure is a trusted partner for implementation, conversion, optimisation and practical advice. The department for consultancy and functional management also has Lean Six Sigma Black Belt consultants available for optimising processes.

Progressing smarter together


Salure has also established itself in the field of ICT. Our ICT department develops interfaces between AFAS and a customer’s system. For systems such as Eduflex, Paralax, SOMtoday and Foleta Salure has a link. If the customer has a system for which a link has not yet been made, Salure will develop it.
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International payroll and HR

International clients can also come to Salure. Through a link with a local payroll provider, SalureConnect provides insight and unity, both nationally and internationally.

The Replacement Tool

For education, Salure developed the Replacement Tool. It is a smart tool that allows substitutes to be scheduled, takes account of authorisations and keeps track of the administration.
Progressing smarter together

Gold Partner Project MARCH

About Project MARCH

Project MARCH is a not-for-profit team of students from the Delft University of Technology working on the development of an innovative exoskeleton. This is a robotic suit that allows someone with a spinal cord injury to stand and walk again. A high-tech project where data is key. As a Gold partner, Salure is proud to help Project MARCH progress – in the smartest way possible, of course.
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Progressing smarter with Salure

Salure supports Project MARCH with a financial and a substantive contribution. In order to create a dynamic exoskeleton that responds to information from the environment, large amounts of data need to be collected, processed and analysed correctly. And this is exactly what Salure excels at. Every day, our data specialists are working on recognising patterns in large quantities of data. This way, companies make better business decisions and payroll administration is constantly getting smarter.

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