Salure is AFAS partner in salarisadministratie, consultancy, functioneel beheer en AFAS koppelingen


Every sector and every organisation is unique. Salure works with many types of companies and educational, government and care institutions every day. The consultants, analysts and payroll administrators of Salure are aware of the legislation and methods thanks to their expertise in different sectors.


Salure guarantees punctuality, good control and certainty.

Health care

From management all the way to the nurses, we unburden so that you can focus on care.


Salure sets up lean business processes for HR and payroll: indispensible in the industrial sector.


Global insight, control and links to payroll providers.


We have a solution for everyone in education.


Salure provides software for efficient and clear processes for governments.

Team up with Salure

Salure guarantees certainty:


You focus on sales, we focus on reporting.

Professional services

Both good advice and quality service provision. That is what we value.

Other sectors

Salure is also active in other sectors.

Tailored advice

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