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Link frequently used systems with AFAS and never re-enter data twice.

AFAS connectors

Connectors between AFAS and other systems

Do you spend a lot of time changing or entering data in different systems? Save time and prevent errors with the convenient AFAS connectors of Salure.

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AFAS Expert

Our data specialists build interfaces between AFAS and:

Prevent errors and duplication of work

Duplicate data entry costs a lot of time and leads to errors. Salure connects AFAS Profit with other systems, so that entering and validating personnel data happens automatically.

Existing AFAS connectors

Salure has already connected more than 200 different systems. Here are some of the interfaces we can make. Is your system not listed? Please let us know. There is a big chance that we have linked a similar system to AFAS. This enables us to set up a new link for you in a short time, which meets your wishes. Moving forward smartly together!

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Tailor-made advice?

We identify which connections are interesting for you and give appropriate advice.

Connectors of Salure:

✔ Many standard connectors;

✔ Erxperience with 120+ systems;
✔ Trusted AFAS partner for more than 10 years.

Dashboard HR analytics

Make smart connections together

Configure the connector with our experts

Would you like to transfer the data from AFAS to another system or vice versa? Should the data be synchronised real-time or daily? Our data specialists set up the connection in such a way that it optimally fulfils the wishes of your organisation.

Stay in control

Salure combines all data from the various systems into different, user-friendly dashboards in SalureConnect. This software gives you a good overview of the large amounts of data in your systems.

Always in control

Easily keep control of the connection to AFAS using the SalureConnect platform. In one glance you will see when which data has been successfully exchanged.

Automatic synchronisation

We ensure that the data in your systems remain synchronised in real time. Synchronisation is guaranteed by active alerting and monitoring.

Our AFAS connectors

Dashboard HR analytics

Salure has already developed several interfaces. Please choose a connector below for more information.

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Salure business intelligence SalureConnect HR analytics

Salure uses a number of databases. We  have links to these databases:

Apache Spark






Logstash connector


Maria DB connector



Microsoft Access connector

MS Access

MySQL connector


Pervasive SQL connector




Qlik Core

Qlik Core



SQL connector




Erwin HR analytics specialist

Customized connector?

Would you like to know which connectors would best suit your organisation? Get free advice.

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