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From implementation to optimisation

Salure is the expert on AFAS. Our consultants know everything about AFAS software and its application in practice. That’s how we achieve the best results for you.

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AFAS Consultancy

Make your HRM processes more efficient thanks to solid AFAS advice.

Are you looking for an experienced partner to help you switch to AFAS, or do you want to optimise your current set-up? Whatever question you have, our specialists are ready for you.

AFAS Expert

Salure is the AFAS expert. Our consultants know everything about the AFAS software and the application. This is how we get the most out of it for you.

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Identify improvement potential and get quick results

Progress in a smart way together. That’ s our motto and it’ s reflected in our project approach. Together with you and your colleagues, our business consultant will map out your business processes. On that basis, we develop an advice for improvements in AFAS, which can be used immediately. In addition, we can help implement the improvements, but we also offer support in managing your AFAS environment. This way, it always remains in line with the objectives of your organization and the capabilities of the software.

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Always good AFAS advice

At Salure, you can count on good advice. We always strive for the best result for your employees. So that they enjoy working with AFAS without any fuss. We do this by not only automating your HR and payroll processes, but also by improving them and making them more transparent. Together we make analyses and devise solutions which we test in AFAS. By combining our down-to-earth, pragmatic view with smart software, we find a solution that best suits your organisation.

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Is your organisation always in motion? Then you need smooth and efficient HR systems.

That’s why our clients choose Salure.

Get the most out of AFAS with expert advice

Do you also want the best for your employees? Then engage our experts for customised AFAS advice for your organisation. Let us know how we can help. We are happy to think along with you!

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