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wage tax declaration netherlands - Resources

Wage tax statement: what is it and how do you complete it?

The wage tax declaration form, or wage tax statement, is for the employer to apply the withholding allowance
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loonstrook voorbeeld | uitleg van begrippen

All about the Payslip: terms and explanations

A payslip is an important part of payroll. Therefore, it is important to know what all the abbreviations and terms on it mean. We explain everything about the payslip in this blog.
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minimumsalaris 2023 Nederland

What is the minimum wage in 2023

Another year has flown by, which means that minimum wage of 2022 is almost old news. It is therefore important for companies to be aware of the minimum wage in 2023. You can read more about that in this blog!
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RVU regeling om vervroegd met pensioen te gaan

All about the Early Retirement Scheme

Do you want to retire, but are not yet of retirement age? An employee can agree on a so-called Early Retirement Scheme under certain conditions. What does this scheme entail?
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statutory and non statutory holidays netherlands explained

Statutory and non-statutory holidays: what’s the difference and what are you entitled to?

Statutory and non-statutory holidays: those are the two flavours we know in the Netherlands. There is an important difference between these types of leave, which is not always clear. With this article in your back pocket, you'll know all about ...
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HR analytics inzetten om datagedreven te werken

HR analytics: what is it and how do you use it successfully?

Many HR professionals who want to be more data-driven in their work ask the question "what is HR analytics?". In this post, we explain what HR analytics is and how to get started with it.
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How to calculate the transition compensation

With the transition compensation, the employer compensates the employee for dismissal. But how high is this compensation? Calculate the transition compensation directly with Salure's handy calculation tool.
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30% tax ruling Netherlands for expats

30% tax ruling Netherlands: what is it and calculate it directly

The Dutch 30% tax ruling for foreign workers is sometimes confusing. What about payout, other allowances and leave? This article will answer all your questions.
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AFAS Payroll & HRM: The highlights from Profit

In this article, we select the most useful new features from AFAS, specifically for HR & Payroll professionals.
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Salure exceeds industry average with NPS of 37.5

In January 2023, we asked our customers to provide feedback on our services. The result? A Net Promoter Score of 37.5. A great score that is well above the average in the financial services industry.
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Uitleg over CSRD richtlijn

The CSRD: here’s how to deal with it

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is a European directive. The main obligation under this directive is for organisations to report on the environmental and social impact of their business activities.
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salary split: werkzaam in meerdere landen

Salary split: what is it and how does it work?

Do you or your employee work in several countries? Then you may be able to take advantage of the low (progressive) rates in different countries: the rate step-up. This salary split (also known as split payroll) can amount to savings ...
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cit2022 4 - Resources

Celebrate Innovation Together: This is how Salure celebrated its 12,5th anniversary

On July 8th we celebrated Salure's anniversary with our clients and partners at the Queen Beatrix Theater with the theme 'Celebrate Innovation Together'.
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Neways chooses international HR AFAS Salure

Neways Electronics chooses international HR solution from Salure and AFAS

Neways Electronics, founded in 1969, has selected the software and services of Salure and AFAS. The Eindhoven-based company will start working with the new system on 1 January 2023.
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Project MARCH stroll

Walking with a spinal cord injury

To make the impossible possible. It's not just for our customers that we like to do this, but also for people with spinal cord injuries. That's why Salure is working together with Project MARCH by TU students on a - ...
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Naamloos 1 1 - Resources

New AFAS translation module: use InSite across the globe

From Arabic and Chinese to Spanish. With the new translation module for InSite, AFAS is now used without borders. Translate InSite into any desired language and manage the translations yourself. That makes international HR administration a lot easier! AFAS offers ...
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