Salure exceeds industry average with NPS of 37.5

In January 2023, we asked our customers for feedback on our services. The result? A Net Promoter Score of 37.5. A great score that is much higher than the average in financial services and our score in 2020.

In January, we conducted an NPS survey in which 10% of our customers anonymously completed a questionnaire. The main question was, “How likely would you be to recommend Salure to a friend or colleague?” For this, customers could give a rating between 0 and 10. In addition, customers could also let us know what we are currently doing well and what we can still improve.

What is NPS?

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a survey method used worldwide to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. The NPS is measured using a scale from 0 to 10. Those who give a 9 or 10 are ‘promoters,’ those who give a 7 or 8 are ‘passives,’ and those who give a score between 0 and 6 are ‘detractors.’ The NPS is the percentage of “promoters” minus the percentage of “detractors. The resulting score can be interpreted as follows:

-100 – 0: the service needs improvement;
0 – 30: the service is good;
30 – 100: the service is great, with a score above 70 being called “world-class.

What is a "normal" Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Scores vary greatly by industry. In an industry where there are labor shortages, the NPS is often lower because there are not enough people to do the work required. For example, the average NPS in construction is -11, while in financial services the NPS score averages 8.

Results Salure

First, we are very pleased with the 8.3 average we received on the question, “How likely would you be to recommend Salure to a friend or colleague?” Responses to this question were distributed as follows: 43.75% gave a 9 or 10 (in 2020 it was 38%) 50.25% gave a 7 or 8 (in 2020 this was 51%) 6% gave a score between 0 and 6 (in 2020 this was 11%

Based on these percentages, we arrive at a Net Promoter Score of 37.5. A great score, which is above average in our industry. It is also a nice increase from the previous meeting. In 2020, we still achieved a score of 27.

Positive feedback

To get a good idea of our customers’ experiences, we asked them for additional feedback. We are pleased with the mostly positive responses. These plus points were mentioned most often:

Expertise: Good advice, up-to-date knowledge of payroll processes and AFAS.
Good service: Good speed, accessibility and flexibility.
Fine contact: Good cooperation with fine and friendly contact persons.

Customer wish list

There were also a number of wishes from our customers, which we will work on this year:

Provide more information about opportunities for additional services;
Improve communication in multidisciplinary projects;
Increase availability of specialists.

Moving forward together smartly in 2023

We appreciate this feedback and will work on areas for improvement. For example, we have already taken steps to add experienced project managers and account managers to our teams.

To improve the availability of our specialists, we are actively looking for new colleagues for our payroll, functional management and consultancy departments. We expect to grow rapidly this year as well.

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