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Business intelligence


Organisations have a lot of data available to them. Companies often work with different systems for e.g. accounting, salary processing, budgets and absenteeism. SalureConnect is a platform that compares all this data. This gives you a clear dashboard with which you can make analyses at a glance. The management is also better able to make decisions based on clear and up-to-date figures.


  • Get a quick and easy overview of large amounts of data;
  • Unlimited filtering for the desired analyses and results;
  • Quickly save time and work more efficiently..
HRM dashboard AFAS


How convenient is it if your data from different systems is entered correctly in AFAS immediately? Or that if you report someone sick, a waiting day is processed immediately? That saves a lot of work. Thanks to smart links, systems work better together and it is easy to make changes.

Linking different systems within your organisation ensures that fewer mistakes are made. Everything is double-checked: first by the system and then by the employee who receives a notification from the system. There is less manual work involved.

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