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Smart software from Salure for dashboards, interfaces and international HR administration.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the conversion of large amounts of data into a clear overview. Through this overview, you can explain events and observe trends. By gaining more insight into your data, it is easier to adjust policy.

SalureConnect: your data in one overview

We have the best Business Intelligence tools worldwide. We have combined our years of experience, extensive knowledge of Business Intelligence and data analysis into one application: SalureConnect. This software package ensures that data from different systems is interchangeable. This could be data from HR and payroll administration systems, for example.

Data driven decision making

SalureConnect links the different systems you use and forms clear dashboards. The dashboards cleverly combine and display the large amounts of data. SalureConnect contains many convenient search and filter functions, so you will always see the right composition in your dashboard.

HR and Payroll reports

With SalureConnect, our Business Intelligence specialists provide good insight into your big data. You can compare data easily and efficiently and thus make reliable analyses. This creates overview, control and compliancy. You no longer steer solely on the basis of feeling, but also on the basis of data: data-driven decision making. This enables you to make important, strategic decisions in a well-considered and justifiable manner.
Business intelligence 2 - Business intelligence

Get your big data in a single overview

Salure has experience with Business Intelligence in various industries.

Salure guarantees assurance:

✔ Convenient search and filter functions;
✔ Reliable figures and analyses;
✔ Working more efficiently thanks to new insights;
✔ Save time and costs.

Do you want smart dashboards for more overview?

The Business Intelligence specialists at Salure are happy to help you!

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