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Get a grip on your international payroll.

International payroll

International payroll involves challenges. For example, you have to deal with differences in language, currency and regulations. Salure is aware of the legal obligations at home and abroad. With Salure’s expertise and ICT solutions, you no longer have to worry about your international payroll.

Avoid issues abroad

Are you going to pay salaries abroad because you have started a new department there, for example? As an employer, it is important to map out in advance which rules apply to employees in the country in question. After all, it is not obvious that all taxes and contributions must be paid in the same country.


International payroll: the challenges

Are you running into any of the challenges below? Then Salure is the partner for you to outsource your international payroll.


Smart organization of international payroll (payroll).


Consistency of data between HR, payroll and timekeeping packages by country.


Different core HR, payroll and timekeeping packages by country.


Comply with local laws and regulations for your international payroll.


Defining source and target data.


Expanding activities to other countries.


Communicating professional technical terms in a foreign language.


Working with people from different cultures.


Availability of comparable and complete international HR & payroll information for decision making.


Declaration and payment of correct payroll taxes and social security contributions.

Stop worrying about your international payroll with Salure.

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For your international payroll, choose the security of Salure:

✔ Save time by outsourcing payroll;

✔ Always transparency about your administrative processes;
✔ Scale advantage.

When is it worth outsourcing international payroll?

Your challenge:

For HR or finance departments, keeping payroll up to date within one country is already a big job. Processing the monthly payroll takes up a lot of time and on top of that, the rules change regularly. Some changes have to be passed on to several providers, which in turn have their own deadlines and working methods.

And does something go wrong or an important report is not passed on? Then the department spends a lot of time correcting the records.

So with ever-changing regulations, payroll administration is often already a challenge in the Netherlands, let alone abroad. Every country has its own laws and regulations. This makes it a complicated job, because you have to keep monitoring systems so that they remain compliant with local laws and regulations. An experienced outsourcing partner like Salure supports you in the organization and execution of international payroll administration.

Our solution:

Deploy your HRM system without boundaries with SalureConnect

Integrate your local payroll providers with your HRM system with SalureConnect for international payroll.

SalureConnect is a smart HR platform. It uses links and databases. By linking SalureConnect to AFAS’ HR system, you can find the correct information of all employees, national and international, in one system. This means that international payroll administration is also properly maintained. SalureConnect converts salaries to one currency, displays information per country, city or location on a user-friendly dashboard and performs checks. The data flows automatically from AFAS HR to the local payroll provider and back. The local payroll provider performs payroll as applicable in that country. Salure creates overview and clarity. The payroll can be compared and filtered between countries, regions or industries.


Standard integration with local payroll providers

Thanks to standard integration with local payroll processors, exchange rates and hourly systems, international processes connect seamlessly.

Manage all data centrally

Link your local payroll providers abroad to one international platform. That way you only have to enter, manage and check personnel data in one place.

Make choices based on real -time data

Get insight into all data through user-friendly dashboards. So you always have insight into management information at an international level.

The benefits of doing your international payroll with Salure

One central point of contact

With Salure, you have one central point of contact for your international payroll. That is so easy. You don’t have to deal with a separate party for each country; Salure does this for you.

Clear insight via proprietary business intelligence platform SalureConnect

Communicating changes is accurate and less error-prone. You have a better overview of a large number of employees. SalureConnect performs a number of checks automatically, so differences are immediately visible and your organization is compliant. SalureConnect merges all data and checks into one dashboard. Our Business Intelligence consultant will put this together tailor-made for you.

Specific knowledge and experience

Salure’s international partner network has the knowledge of local regulations regarding labor law, taxes, benefits such as company cars and phones and allowances, insurance, health, social security, safety and welfare.

Details of your trusted, local payroll provider

Do you already work with a foreign payroll provider and are satisfied with it? Then let your regular payroll provider link up with the SalureConnect platform so that you can collaborate even more easily and gain more insight and control over your entire international payroll administration process.

Control of payroll

Always maintain control of your international payroll with SalureConnect’s smart dashboards. In addition, local payroll providers always keep payroll up-to-date with relevant laws and regulations.

International payroll outsourcing FAQ

Outsourcing international payroll offers a solution when you need any of the following: Support in shaping your international payroll organization; One core HR package, one time registration package and a good local payroll engine; Difference analysis between your core HR, payroll and time registration packages; Control of compliance with local laws and regulations; Control on correct payment of payroll tax and social contributions; Dashboards with comparable and complete international HR & Payroll information so you can make better decisions; Support in communicating professional issues in a foreign language; Support in starting up entities and payrolls in other countries.
AFAS Profit as core HR system, with country-specific templates; Atoss for timekeeping; Full / semi-automatic links including monitoring links; Dashboards (also for differences between systems); Portal for supplying data for payroll processing.
Thinking along in setting up international payroll; Matching and introduction to our partner network; Central point for submitting mutations; Payroll processing, possibly in combination with your own payroll providers; Information on new and amended legislation per country.

This varies by country, number of systems and number of employees. Request a quote from us to receive a no-obligation cost estimate.  

SalureConnect brings all your international HR and payroll information together in convenient dashboards, performs instant checks and exchanges data between your systems. It is the central point that provides insight into and overview of your complete international payroll administration.
Set up and setup: We set up Afas so that you have the right country-specific fields for your HR and payroll administration; We link AFAS with local payroll providers in different countries; Controleren: Our partner network knows the local laws and regulations. As a result, your administration always complies with the laws and regulations in the relevant country; We set up the international HR and payroll dashboards for you; Implementation: Coordination of payroll processing; We shoot the data you enter into AFAS to local payroll processors who pay the salaries. We then retrieve this data again to compare with the data in AFAS. We do this with our platform SalureConnect.

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