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A successful migration and conversion to AFAS with Salure

“This transition has really been a fantastic step in every way.”

ALDI, originally German, now has approximately 500 locations in the Netherlands. For a long time, all processes in the company were the same everywhere – whether ALDI in Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal or Poland. In recent years, however, there has been more room to organise activities on a national level. So ALDI in the Netherlands chose the HRM & Payroll software of AFAS, and Salure helped with the conversion.

Sander van Schie, Director National HR Projects at ALDI in the Netherlands, says: ‘Internationalisation and professionalisation, that’s what we call it. That’s an efficiency gain. It enables us to respond better to local collective labour agreements, for example. But then of course you need a software system that makes it easy to do so’. So ALDI went searching for a software partner with knowledge of Dutch legislation, that is reliable, scalable and easy to integrate with other applications. Based on these criteria ALDI made the choice for AFAS.

ALDI klantverhaal Salure

Progressing smarter with Salure

When migrating and converting to AFAS, ALDI called in the help of Salure. Salure supported ALDI with:

  • conducting the conversion scan;
  • converting to AFAS;
  • supporting the go-live of the AFAS Pocket App.

Before switching to AFAS, Salure did a conversion scan for Aldi. We checked whether the data was complete and made the translation tables between the systems. Because it became clear that the conversion was going to be quite a task, ALDI carried out the conversion in close cooperation with a Salure consultant.

ALDI about Salure

ALDI payroll Germany

‘All the data we wanted to use in AFAS software had to be extracted from the old packages first. In order to gain insight into this, AFAS partner Salure carried out a conversion scan for us. Together with Salure, we found ways to manage it all, but it still involved a lot of manual work. And a lot of thinking, because of the impact of some adjustments. An example: because every company had its own payroll administration, we also had ten people with employee number 1. You can’t do that if you want to work from a single database. And you can change personnel numbers, but you also have to make sure, for example, that the time registration system also has that information. Together with AFAS and Salure, we finally managed to tackle all these problems properly.’”

Walter Hoogenbosch, Senior Project manager IT at ALDI Netherlands

ALDI kantoor


In retrospect, the implementation actually went quite smoothly. Van Schie: ‘We first wanted to go live with only the payroll. Later we increased those ambitions, because there was room for it.

Hoogenbosch adds: ‘By now we almost exclusively hear positive reactions. In addition, the number of actions has been drastically reduced. There is no longer a need to stamp and send papers around, which makes a huge difference. Also in the risk of mistakes’.


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