Celebrate Innovation Together: This is how Salure celebrated its 12,5th anniversary

This month we celebrated Salure’s 12.5 year anniversary at CIT2022: Celebrate Innovation Together! It was great to meet our customers, relations and colleagues at the Beatrix Theater. 

On July 8, 2022 we celebrated Salure’s 12,5 year anniversary in the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht! On this Friday afternoon we did not only look back at 12.5 years of HR and Payroll innovation. We also looked ahead together with our customers, colleagues and partners.

How do HR and Payroll leaders ensure a work environment that encourages progress and innovation? What role does job happiness play in that? And how do you continue to get the best out of your people?

Thanks to our guest speakers behaviorist Ben Tiggelaar, brain expert Margriet Sitskoorn, our host Merel Westrik, comedian Arnout van den Bossche and our special guests from Project MARCH and AFAS, it was an unforgettable afternoon full of inspiration in the field of innovation, leadership and happiness at work.

Watch the CIT2022 recap:

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