Salure is AFAS partner in salarisadministratie, consultancy, functioneel beheer en AFAS koppelingen

Trusted AFAS partner for more than 10 years

Get the most out of AFAS! Our AFAS experts know all about AFAS’ software and its application in practice.

AFAS partner

Salure is the AFAS expert with more than 12 years of experience. Our consultants know all about the AFAS software and its application. This is how we get the most out of it for you.

Specialised consultants

AFAS Expert

Salure’s AFAS experts show you how to optimally use the AFAS software. The smart software of AFAS offers a lot of functionality. We provide advice for automation and working more efficiently. We link your current systems to AFAS Profit and set up workflows, so that HR tasks are carried out automatically. For instance, if a contract needs to be extended, the relevant persons automatically receive a task for this. We connect your other systems to AFAS Profit and set up workflows so that HR tasks are performed automatically.

Switch safely to AFAS

afas outsite implementation
When switching to AFAS from another system, our consultants supervise the conversion of data. They are there for you in case of questions during use or maintenance. Setting up insite and outsite is no problem either. We help you with the style, layout and workflows in the background. Our specialists know everything about the various AFAS components: AFAS Payroll & HRM InSite & OutSite Projects Financial Pocket App

Internal knowledge sharing

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If you call Salure, you will always get good advice. Whatever question you have, we will help you move forward or figure things out to deliver custom solutions. We share our knowledge internally and colleagues help each other. Salure works with clients from different sectors. This enables us to transfer best practices to your company.

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A successful start with AFAS!

Work more efficiently with the smart software of AFAS and the expertise of Salure.

Opt for the certainty of Salure:

✔ Advice from the leading AFAS expert in the Netherlands;

✔ Work more efficiently thanks to workflows in AFAS;

✔ Safe conversion of data;

✔ Experience in every industry.

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What our customers are saying about us

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Every organisation is different. That is why our AFAS specialists provide tailored advice.

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