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Maak beslissingen op basis van realtime data met HR analytics

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Dashboard HR analytics

In the HR field, a lot of data is available. This data often is located in various systems. SalureConnect automatically gathers all information from the various connected systems. This saves a lot of manual input work and prevents errors. All the information is combined in HR Analytics, with dashboards that provide an overview at the push of a button.

Detail level overview

analytics HR dashboards

Using a dashboard, you have an overview of the entire workforce (at different locations, including international), but you can also zoom in on a detail level per individual. Our dashboards have convenient search functions. This gives you and other authorized employees a good overview of current data and reliable analyses.

Assessing result


It is easy to see the results of certain investments. For example, did you train some employees to work more efficiently and do you want to know what the results were? With SalureConnect you create an overview of the data that gives you the answer.

Whether it is efficiency in sales, home care or cleaning, with SalureConnect you will find out. It becomes visible when a group or individual is lagging behind or if the effects of a training course are short-lived. This makes it easy for you to make adjustments at the strategic level.

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