Salure is AFAS partner in salarisadministratie, consultancy, functioneel beheer en AFAS koppelingen

AFAS Payroll Consultancy

Need AFAS payroll consultancy? Get in touch with an expert from Salure. You will receive useful advice about your administrative processes and the execution of the payroll administration.

Process automation

Payroll outsourcing

The best ideas for optimisation come from the field. That is why you should utilise the knowledge and experience of Salure’s payroll consultants. They have in-depth, professional knowledge, a fresh perspective and a feeling for automation. Thanks to smart software and well-designed systems, we improve your payroll administration and make progress together.


Payroll consultancy

Opt for guaranteed quality and tips from Salure’s consultant. Our payroll consultant will visit you, take a look at the current way of working and test your knowledge for timeliness and completeness. Subsequently, the consultant provides a full report with advice on optimisation.

Business Consultant

Industries contact

Salure also works with business consultants. They will visit you and immerse themselves in the processes within your organisation. They then write an advice plan to implement improvements, in line with your corporate culture and field of expertise. Our business consultants are Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified. This way, you know you are getting quality.

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Tailored advice

An efficient payroll administration is not easy. No worries! Our payroll consultant supports you.

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