Payroll in the Netherlands

Learn everything you need to know to ensure a succesful payroll administration for your Dutch offices.

Payroll in the Netherlands: Everything You Need to Know

Payroll in the Netherlands is known to be quite challenging. Do you have Dutch employees in your workforce? Or is your organisation about to open a branch in the Netherlands? Then these are important factors to take into account:
  • Dutch rules and legislation
    One of the biggest challenges of payroll in the Netherlands is the legislation. You have to deal with different taxes, ever-changing laws and social insurances. We explain the most important issues in our free guide.

  • Digitisation of HR and Payroll
    In addition, employees in the Netherlands are used to a digitalised HR and payroll process. In other countries, this is not always the case. Do you have an international or multinational organisation? Then connect your HRM system to local payroll systems with the help of Salure.
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Download the free guide for everything you need to know for a successful HR and payroll administration:

✔Pay scales and minimum wages

✔ Mandatory wage deductions

✔ Income tax and social security
✔ Pension, sick pay and overtime


Take control of your payroll in the Netherlands with Salure. Whether you want to outsource your Dutch payroll or get more control of your payroll administration in the Netherlands: we are happy to help. Download our whitepaper for more information or request advice from our consultants – no strings attached.
Tip: Outsource your payroll in the Netherlands from only €5,50 per pay slip
Outsource your Dutch payroll to Salure for certainty and convenience. This can be done from € 5,50 per employee per month for a workforce of more than 1750 employees. For a smaller workforce, a higher rate applies. Please contact us for more information.
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The Ultimate Guide To Payroll in The Netherlands

Learn everything you need to know about payroll in the Netherlands:

✔ Pay scales and minimum wages
✔ Mandatory wage deductions
✔ Income tax and social security

✔ Pension, sick pay and overtime

Gain control of your Dutch HRM & Payroll

So, you want to take control of your payroll in the Netherlands? We connect your central HRM system with your local payroll provider in the Netherlands. This way, your HR administration meets Dutch laws and regulations and you always pay the right salary on time.
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Aldi after implementing Salure's Dutch payroll solution

"We hear almost exclusively positive reactions. In addition, the number of operations has been drastically reduced. No more papers need to be stamped and sent around, which makes a huge difference. We have also reduced the risk of errors."

Case study: How ALDI solved their payroll challenge in the Netherlands

International supermarket chain ALDI, which originated in Germany, now has some 500 branches in the Netherlands. For its Dutch branches, ALDI was looking for a software partner with knowledge of Dutch legislation, who was reliable, scalable and easy to link to other software packages. On the basis of these criteria ALDI made the choice for AFAS and Salure.
For years ALDI worked with the same HR & payroll system everywhere. That was no problem at all in Germany, but in the Netherlands they were one of the few customers of the supplier of that system. This was not optimal for the support they could get. Also, a lot of things were still done on paper. From leave requests to payslips and annual statements. This was expensive and unsustainable, but above all it cost a lot of time.

ALDI called in the help of Salure for the migration and conversion to AFAS. Salure supported ALDI with:

  • Executing a conversion scan;
  • The conversion to AFAS;
  • Support with going live of the AFAS Pocket App.

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