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Salure’s AFAS link is useful for you if you are dealing with two different AFAS systems. Do you currently keep data in two separate AFAS systems? That is very time-consuming work. Thanks to the AFAS connector, this is a thing of the past. The link automatically synchronises the data from, for instance, AFAS HRM and AFAS Financial with each other. As a result, you always retain control and insight.

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Want to link AFAS systems with each other or another system with AFAS?

If so, please contact us. We can also link AFAS with other systems. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

What does the AFAS link do?

The AFAS connector synchronises the two different AFAS systems with each other. Synchronisation takes place as the connector automates and protects the transfer of data between the systems. The data is merged by the software platform SalureConnect and visualised in a single dashboard. The connector ensures that you only need to enter and manage data in one place, which means you no longer lose time tracking in different systems and reduces the risk of errors.

What are the advantages of the AFAS connector?

1 Dashboards & Reports: 

The main advantage of the AFAS connector is that you get easy insight into your business data through dashboards. The dashboards are possible because the connector brings together information from two different HRM and payroll software systems in one place. Accessing these dashboards is easy, as you can access your dashboards directly in SalureConnect via deeplinks.

From SalureConnect, you can export the dashboards to Excel or have them automatically e-mailed to keep up to date with current data. You can analyse the data in the dashboards at multiple levels, as you can click to access multiple layers. In addition, as a user, you determine which information is visible in the dashboard, allowing you to perform targeted analyses.

2 No double entry:

A huge advantage of linking is that you no longer spend time entering and managing the same data in a second system, as you now only have to enter and manage the data in one place. The AFAS link therefore saves you time. Time that you can invest in human resource management.

3 Fewer errors:

Thanks to the link, the two systems are synchronised with each other. This means that the same data is in both systems. As a result, you only need to enter and monitor data in one system, reducing the risk of errors and avoiding a data discrepancy between the systems. Super convenient!


4 Information flow:

When working with multiple types of software, an exchange of data takes place through a connector. It is important here that the data is synchronised correctly. We ensure this flawless data exchange by performing a daily extraction of the complete data. This involves comparing files between the two systems. This ensures a complete and secure analysis of your employee data.

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Together with you, Salure’s consultants will map the current business processes. Salure has developed an AFAS connector that retrieves and transmits data from the various AFAS systems. Thanks to SalureConnect, you have dashboards that display HR information in a clear way.

Easily stay in control

You can easily manage the AFAS connector yourself on our SalureConnect platform. The task scheduler function ensures you have 100% control over the tasks the connector performs:

    1. Progress tracking: see for each task what it does, when it runs and the latest result.
    2. Logs: You have very detailed insight into which data was forwarded, which parts failed and how long everything took.
    3. Monitoring dashboards: See at a glance how often tasks were completed successfully, completed with errors or failed completely.

When is an AFAS link useful for you?

Implementing a connector is not something you decide on a daily basis. Hence, you want to know when a connector will add value for you, so that you can make an informed decision for your organisation. Which is understandable. Below are descriptions of situations in which a connector is a must-have:

    1. Employees from the two AFAS systems need to be linked together, so that personal data such as address, rewards, contract, schedule, salary, etc. are automatically synchronised;
    2. Employee data needs to be linked. This ensures that one AFAS system is leading;
    3. You want the organisational structures between the two AFAS systems to automatically synchronise with each other;
    4. In order to pay out correctly, you want to link salary data from the contract to the payroll system; 
    5. You are dealing with a Dutch and foreign AFAS system, in which global payroll data needs to be collected, so that it can then be harmonised into the same format and ultimately be visualised in one dashboard;
    6. You are looking for a way to guarantee the quality of data in the HRM and payroll systems, e.g. by checking employee deployment against costs;
    7. To have a clear overview of financial data, you want the data from the systems visualised in a dashboard;
    8. You want to combine financial data with timekeeping systems, CRM systems or project systems. For example, to display current status per project, costs and revenue per hour or revenue per customer or type of customer;
    9. Journal entries from the payroll system need to be sent automatically to the financial system;
    10. When payment files need to be edited so that they are suitable for countries or otherwise for those banks that do not work with the SEPA format.
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Our method

It is important to map your business data. For this reason, you will work with a Salure data specialist to create a setup for the dashboards in SalureConnect.

As a result, the dashboards will display your most important company data, which allows you to make daily decisions based on current data.

We link the two AFAS systems to SalureConnect so that data can be extracted from the systems.

We then transform the data into a single format. Which allows you to compare them.

The vast data is visualised through comprehensible dashboards.

We ensure that the AFAS systems remain synchronised in real-time.

To ensure synchronisation, we use active alerting and monitoring.

Want to link AFAS systems or with another system?

Rely on Salure’s knowledge and experience.

Interested in linking AFAS systems? Meet with a Salure consultant without obligation and receive tailor-made advice.

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