Link AFAS with Cestronics

Full synchronisation is full control

The link takes work off your hands. You no longer need to do things twice. With this automated link, only active employees and suppliers have access to your buildings.

You only add an employee once (e.g. in AFAS) and the employee is supplemented with data in CES. Just link a tag and you’re done! Employees who are reported to be out of service are automatically blocked. Locations, on and off shift data, card numbers, access profiles and linked devices: everything is done automatically.

Centrally organise your access management. Simple, safe and controlled from AFAS. Only grant people access if they are in your systems, without the need for duplicate entries.AFAS Cestronics connector

Always in control

Easily manage the link between AFAS and Cestronics yourself on our SalureConnect platform. With the task scheduler you have 100% control over the tasks that the link performs:

  1. Progress tracking: See for each task what it does, when it is running and the last result.
  2. Logs: You have very detailed insight into which data has been transferred, which parts have failed and how long everything has lasted.
  3. Monitoring dashboards: See at a glance how often tasks have been carried out successfully, with errors, or have failed completely.

How we work

Our business intelligence specialists create a set-up for the dashboards in collaboration with you. This way you will get as clear an overview as possible. These dashboards can be used on a daily basis and offer important information for management decisions.


1. We link AFAS and Cestronics to SalureConnect to extract the data from the systems.           

2. Then we transform the data to the same format. This makes it possible to compare the information.

3. We visualise huge amounts of data in comprehensible dashboards.    

4. We ensure that Cestronics and AFAS remain synchronised in real-time.     

5. The synchronisation remains guaranteed thanks to active alerting and monitoring.

Connect AFAS to Cestronics 

Are you interested in a link with Cestronics? Have a Salure consultant meet and advise you without obligation.

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