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Want to link SAP with AFAS?

Exchange data between SAP and your HRM system with our SAP link.

SAP link

Do you use a Dutch HRM system such as AFAS? And SAP for your capacity management, time registration or as an international HRM system, for example? If the data does not match, you spend a lot of time checking and entering data. With our SAP link, this is a thing of the past. The link automatically synchronises the data between the two systems the way you want. So you always have insight and control.


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Want to link SAP with AFAS or another system?

If so, please contact us. We can also link SAP with other systems. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

What does SAP do?

SAP is a leading international producer of software for managing business processes. In addition, they develop solutions to enable effective data processing and information flows between organisations. The software is applicable for all kinds of organisations in the field of HRM, payroll and finance.

What does the SAP link do?

The link between AFAS and SAP automates the transfer of data between AFAS and SAP in a secure manner. Our software platform SalureConnect merges this data and processes it into one overview. The advantage of this is that you enter and manage the same data in one place. This reduces the risk of errors and eliminates the time lost by keeping track of data in different systems.

What are the advantages of the SAP link?

1 Dashboards & Reports: 

AFAS offers all kinds of standard dashboards within the system. But when you link SAP with AFAS, for example, information from both systems becomes visible in the dashboards. This way, the two different HRM and payroll software systems come together in one place.

Within SAP or AFAS, you have direct access to these dashboards via deeplinks. You also get access to all kinds of standard ad-hoc reports, within the topics relevant to you. The system delivers the desired output at any time.

From SalureConnect. you can export your dashboards to Excel or have it e-mailed automatically. The dashboards are accessible by clicking in multiple layers, allowing data to be analysed at multiple levels. SalureConnect is 100% modular. Because you, the user, choose which information is displayed on the dashboard, SalureConnect suits every information need.

2 No double entry:

Enter and manage all your data in one place through the SAP interface. By keeping track of, checking and entering your data in one system, you save time. This allows you to spend more time on Human Resource management.


3 Information flow:

When working with multiple types of software, data exchange takes place through an interface. This is a complex setup, where it is important that the data synchronises correctly. With a daily extraction of all data and comparison of files between SAP and AFAS, for example, Salure’s SAP interface realises a flawless exchange of data. This ensures a safe and complete analysis of your employee data.

4 Fewer errors:

Your chances of making a mistake will be greatly reduced with the SAP interface. The SAP interface allows you to monitor and enter everything in one system, which will help you avoid data discrepancies between systems.


Salure progressing smarter together with payroll


Together with you, Salure’s consultants will map the current business processes. Salure has developed a connector that retrieves data from AFAS, for example, and passes it on to SAP. Thanks to SalureConnect, you have dashboards that display HR information in a clear manner.

Easily stay in control

You easily manage the SAP connector yourself on our SalureConnect platform. The task scheduler function ensures you have 100% control over the tasks performed by the connector:

    1. Progress tracking: see for each task what it does, when it runs and the latest result.
    2. Logs: You have very detailed insight into which data was forwarded, which parts failed and how long everything took.
    3. Monitoring dashboards: See at a glance how often tasks were completed successfully, completed with errors or failed completely.

When is an SAP link useful for you?

Choosing a link is not something you do every day. That’s why you want to make a thoughtful decision for your organisation. We understand that! It is therefore very important to know when a link is right for you. Below are six common situations in which a link between AFAS and SAP makes sense:

    1. Linking employees from your Dutch AFAS HRM system to your international SAP HRM and payroll system, automatically synchronising items such as personal data, address, contract, salary, schedule, rewards, etc.;
    2. Linking employee data in the systems where, for example, AFAS is leading. Employees are then automatically given an account in SAP when it is created in AFAS;
    3. You want organisational structures to be automatically synchronised between systems;
    4. You want to link salary data from the contract to your payroll system so it has the correct data to pay out with;
    5. Collecting global payroll data, harmonising it into the same format and visualising it in 1 dashboard;
    6. Ensuring the quality of data in HRM and payroll systems by, among other things, monitoring employee deployment versus costs.

Our method

Together with our data specialist, you will create a setup for the dashboards to get the clearest possible overview of company data. The dashboards from SalureConnect are applicable for daily use and enables the management to make data-driven decisions.

We link AFAS and SAP to SalureConnect to get the data from the systems.

We then transform the data into a single format so that you can compare them.

We visualise the vast amount of data in comprehensible dashboards.

We ensure that SAP and AFAS remain synchronised in real-time.

Synchronisation is maintained thanks to active alerting and monitoring.

Nieuwe release SalureConnect

Which information is transferred through the SAP link?

The link ensures that AFAS and SAP are connected in real-time. This makes it possible to securely exchange the following data:

  • SAP hours to AFAS
  • AFAS journal entries to SAP
  • AFAS employee data to SAP

Think of the following data types:

  • Personal details
  • Schedules
  • Bank relationships
  • Date data (start and end of employment)
  • Absence (absenteeism and leave)
  • and more!

SAP link FAQ

If you have many employees, you have to deal with many changes in the workforce. A link ensures that the changes are applied in both SAP and AFAS. This means they only need to be entered once. In addition, a link allows some processes to take place in SAP and others in AFAS, while ensuring that the systems remain the same. For example: new employees are entered in SAP, but absenteeism is entered in AFAS.

Yes, we can also link SAP with other systems. There is no limit to the number of systems that can be linked. 

The link ensures that you can use each of the systems for what it is best at. SAP is used to enter employee data. So you can enter employees in all countries in the same way. You can then use AFAS for the local payroll in the Netherlands, for instance.

We already have a standard template in place for the SAP link. Given the complexity of organisations, we see that customers always have their own requirements. We can always incorporate those.

That varies greatly, as these types of systems often require customisation and often involve complex processes. These requirements obviously add extra development time. Our experience shows that from the moment the link is built, an average process takes a lead time of at least 3 months.

The realisation of the SAP link always follows the following 5 phases: intake, information session, development, validation and completion. The starting point during the realisation of the link is that it is based on test-driven development.

SalureConnect is the so-called middleware between AFAS and SAP. That means SalureConnect retrieves data from one system, changes that data where necessary and then forwards it to the other system.

Want to link SAP with AFAS or another system?

Rely on Salure’s knowledge and experience.

Interested in linking SAP to a system such as AFAS? Meet with a Salure consultant without obligation and get tailor-made advice.

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