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International HR

Get international insight into your HR administration with Salure.

Worldwide insight

Salure helps you combine data from different countries into one clear dashboard with your KPIs. This gives you clear (annual) figures on your Human Resources and insight into, for example, absenteeism, wage costs and contracts.

Different systems

Differences in systems, legislation and culture exist between countries. This can make it difficult to get a grip on a local process. Salure’s solution ensures that local structures continue to exist and are converted to a new format in SalureConnect. This is our international Business Intelligence platform where data from different countries are combined into a single overview. Via SalureConnect, it is also possible to change data in one place, after which it is automatically adjusted in multiple places.


With SalureConnect, you have the option to respond to figures in a more targeted way, also known as data-driven decision making. Using smart links, SalureConnect collects real-time data from the different systems. This ensures that changes in HR or payroll administration are immediately visible and that you are always responding to current figures.
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A word from our clients

Get inspired by the stories of  KFC (Collins Foods), ALDI en Swapservices:

A word from our clients

Use your HRM system across borders

Integrate local payroll providers with your HRM system using SalureConnect.

Standard integration with local payroll providers

Thanks to the standard integration with local payroll providers, exchange rates and time tracking systems, your international processes connect seamlessly.

Manage all data centrally

Link local payroll providers to one international platform. You only have to enter, manage and monitor data in one place.

Make decisions based on real-time data  

Gain insight into all data via user-friendly dashboards. This way, you always have a clear view on management information at an international level.

Take control of your international HR process

Our experts are happy to help.

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