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Do you have stores or wholesalers throughout the country or even internationally? Then you are dealing with a lot of data. Salure uses the SalureConnect software package to create an overview of a large amount of complex data. You will receive clear reports on, for instance, your stock management, sales and staff deployment.

Flexible contracts without stacks of paper

You can also safely outsource your HR and payroll administration to Salure. In the retail sector, a lot of work is done with flexible contracts, such as on-call and zero-hours contracts. This has many advantages, but also creates extra red tape. Salure unburdens and jumps in where necessary.
Salure is a stable and reliable service provider for your retail chain. Whether it concerns outsourcing payroll administration or making large amounts of data transparent. Call in a Salure consultant to optimise your retail processes. Would you like to know more about what we can do for your retail chain?
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Salure guarantees certainty. ✔ Fully or partially outsource payroll administration; ✔ Secure payroll administration checks; ✔ Supporting international retail chains; ✔ Insight with our Business Intelligence platform SalureConnect.

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